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Resources Available for Purchase

Songbook and CD Set
  • Donkilo: Songs of Manding Traditions, Compiled and Translated by Djimo Kouyate, Transcribed by Akua Kouyate, Copyright, Djimo Kouyate and Akua Kouyate, 2003, Published by Memory of African Culture, Inc., 2007


  • Diali Djimo Kouyate - Wato Sita...This is the Time...for Peace, 2003
  • Diali Djimo Kouyate - Khabilia (Family Lineage), 2000
  • Goree: Djimo Kouyate and Mamaya African Jazz, 1996
  • Fa Kae: Djimo Kouyate - Manding Kora Music, 1992
  • Yankadi: Djimo Kouyate - Manding Drum Rhythms, 1992

    Musical Instruments

  • Kora
  • Djembe Orchestra: Djembe, Doundoun, Sombar, Kinkinni
  • Koutiro and Seourba Orchestra: Koutiro ba, Koutiro nding, Sabaro
  • Sabar
  • Tama
  • Balafon

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