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Memory of African Culture

Memory of African Culture, Inc. 2011-2012 Program Offerings:

  • Amadou Kouyate (solo) is the 150th generation of the Kouyate family of Manding diali (griot/oral historians) and the first generation born on American soil. Amadou performs a musical montage on the 21string kora of Manding griot/oral historian traditions, and rhythmic presentations on the Djembe and koutiro drums of Baga and Mandinka traditions. The repertoire of traditional Manding music ranges from songs dating back as far as the 13th century to contemporary original compositions that incorporate blues and jazz riffs (1 hour and 2 hour concerts)

  • The Kouyate Family presents African cultural expressions emphasizing their family heritage in the Manding dialiya tradition. The Kouyate Family presents traditional and contemporary songs, recitations of Manding histories, self-accompanied on various traditional African musical instruments including the 21-string kora, and dances accompanied by the djembe and koutiro drums. For various events, the Family performers include the children of Diali Djimo Kouyate, Amadou Kouyate and Bintou Kouyate and and other family members and guest artists celebrating through music, song, oral history and dance, the traditions of their family heritage (2 to 3 artists; 45 minutes to 1 hour)

    Lecture-Demonstrations - Educational programs for K-12 (teachers' guide available):

  • "Music and Dances of Manding Traditions"
  • "The Music Traditions of Manding Griots"
  • "African Dance and Rhythm - Diversity of Forms and Styles"

    Master Classes/Workshops/Seminars

  • Oral History and Music Traditions of Manding Griots
  • Traditional and Contemporary Expressions of Oral Tradition: Manding Dialiya to Hip-Hop Spoken Word
  • Djembe and Koutiro - African Drumming

    One Week or Two Week Residencies for Grades 3 through 12, College/University Level Students and Community programs

    African Djembe Drumming and Culture:

  • Week 1: Introduce students to the general origin of the Djembe and its proliferation within the different ethnic groups of the (Manding) Mali Empire. Students learn djembe techniques along with the differences in traditional djembe notation from region to region; a system of deciphering djembe patterns; and the context of rhythms with songs and djembe language as related to Manding African languages/cultures

  • Week 2: Traditional Dance with Drumming Workshop establishes a more in depth understanding of djembe music with traditional dances that illustrate the sociological context and rhythmic relation between dance and music as it is a functional aspect of Manding culture.

  • Each Residency Week includes a Final Presentation and Adjudication. This presentation is an opportunity for students to demonstrate for their families, friends and the community, the skills and knowledge acquired about Manding Djembe Drumming and Culture during the duration of the class.

    One-Week Artistic Commission Residency:

  • Amadou Kouyate creates music compositions and arrangements for ensembles including African Kora, Balafon and Djembe orchestra with western instrumentation;
  • Amadou Kouyate creates African music arrangements for traditional and contemporary dance choreography
  • Bintou Kouyate choreographs ensemble works of traditional Manding and other West African dance styles

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