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Dialiya brings together West African griots (oral historians and musicians) from Mali, Gambia, Guinea and Senegal in a celebration of griot ensemble music and dance traditions. The performance allows audiences to experience the mastery of the presentation and of griot ensemble music, song and dance, along with dramatic recitation and interpretation of oral history of Manding West African cultures, while simultaneously experiencing the presentation of individual master artists of West African instrumentation and vocalization within the context of the Dialiya style.

Dialiya is the tradition of Manding dialolu (pl.; diali, singular; historian and musician) performing ancient and contemporary songs, accompanied on various traditional African musical instruments including the 21-string kora, the 7-string koning, the wooden 21-key balafon and the djembe orchestra. Through the artistry of music and poetic interpretation (usually recited and sung in Manding languages) the Dialiya tradition balances aesthetic appreciation with the educational process of transmitting history through songs and music that inspire, impel, captivate and entertain, a contemporary society while respecting the knowledge and teachings of the ancestors through ancient oral-based history that has been passed down from generation to generation within Manding diali families.

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